Ticketless parking introduced and explained to South African drivers at large.

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Admyt is a sophisticated parking solution that uses license plate recognition software for ticketless, touchless and cashless boom access to select parking locations across South Africa. They are growing their footprint at malls across the country and turned to VANHA to help them increase their userbase.


“Make the strange familiar and the familiar strange.” – Rory Sutherland

Ticketless parking is a new and largely foreign concept in South Africa. Therefore, the biggest job on this account was to introduce and explain the product and show it in action – ie to make the strange, familiar.

The broader communication strategy was simple:
- Hi, we are admyt, a ticketless parking solution
- This is how ticketless parking works
- This is how it is different from traditional parking
- You should consider using it, because…

We were hyper illustrative in showing how the product works and leveraged many of the pain points associated with traditional parking and incorporated some humour to lighten the frustration that often comes paired with it.

We advertised aggressively in the vicinity of their respective location to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum wastage on their ad budget.

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Increase in Monthly Active User Growth

Admyt’s active user base has seen rapid growth, launching new sites and improving on paid media efficiency.


Decrease in Cost Per New Active User

Through the use of UGC (User Generated Content) and problem/solution style videos, CPA has plummeted.


Increase in Website Conversion Rate

We set up custom pixel events to track every step in the sign up process to identify areas of improvement - consistently improving conversion rate.




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