Scaling into foreign markets with paid media.

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Propr is South Africa’s largest short-term rentals management company! They manage 800+ properties and approached VANHA to further assert their presence in South Africa and to help scale them into foreign markets.


When we first started working on Propr, their advertising consisted predominantly of Google ads and traditional media.

We began by optimising their Google ads before rolling out Meta and Linkedin campaigns. We tested different content formats, hooks and communication styles to gauge what resonates best with their avatar.

Once we had established the above in the South African market – we were able to test locally proven strategies in various foreign markets, iterating to accommodate for language and cultural nuances and any relevant regulations.

Ad Creative

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Landing Page Build


3 + 2

3 New Cities + 2 New Countries

Just in the first 12 months, Propr has successfully expanded into Portugal, Dubai and another South African city.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Diversification of content types, formats, improvements in messaging and avatar definition all played a role to consistently decreasing the cost per lead, now down more than 60%!


Increase in Branded Search Volume

In the first year, Meta and LinkedIn were successfully launched, alongside Google optimizations - this omnichannel approach and increased brand visibility resulted in a 60% year on year increase in branded search volumes.


Meta Graph

Google Graph

  • We set-up enhanced conversions with Google Tag Manager
  • We tested Manual and Smart bidding strategies and saw large improvements in this area
  • Continuous ad copy testing and keyword optimisation improved the CTR (Click Through Rate), and ad quality scores – all small improvements to ultimately improve the conversion rate
  • This has led to an increase in conversions and a decrease in acquisition costs!


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