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Distillery embraces DTC to reduce dependence on retailers.

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Pienaar and Son is a craft distillery located in the Silo District of Cape Town Harbour. It is owned and run by a multi-talented creative, André Pienaar. André is well-known in the liquor industry for his innovative approach to liquor making. When we first started working on this account, they had a small selection of anchor spirits and they were largely dependent on traditional retail. They were eager to explore the DTC landscape to allow for more frequent, smaller batch releases and reduce their dependence on retailers!


“Blurring the line between art and alcohol!”

Pienaar and Son’s biggest strength is their innovation and creativity – but it can also be a challenge, as their creations can be abstract and not entirely familiar.

A big focus in their campaigns revolves around:
- Sharing the concept and thinking behind their products
- Creating intrigue around the flavour profiles of the respective releases
- Educating the shopper on serving suggestions and drinking occasions
- Attaching gifting occasions for hyper-relevance

Many of their products are once-off or smaller batch releases – therefore we also often leverage scarcity as a communication pillar on this account.

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Revenue Growth

Since joining VANHA in 2021, revenue has grown more than 10 fold.


Increase in Average Order Value

Comprehensive landing page design, upsells, bundling and intentional pricing strategies has driven the AOV (Average Order Value) up a whopping 53%.


Target Return on Ad Spend

Extensive email list growth has allowed each launch to sell out, building hype and boosting the MER (Media Efficiency Ratio) to remain above the target 4x – even while scaling and selling larger volumes per new release.




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