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Personal injury lawyer eager to revitalize and evolve the perception his brand.

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Henry Shields is a well-known lawyer in Cape Town. He specialises in personal injury law and has a practice operating under his name. He approached VANHA to evolve the positioning of his firm: from Henry Shields Attorneys to Shields Attorneys. We began with a rebrand and a website build for him – and we complemented this with some search ads!


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Henry has had an illustrious career, spanning over 5 decades, and he has an undeniable track record. We wanted to reflect this gravitas in the look and feel of the brand. We opted for an assertive wordmark complemented by a weighty icon. Look closely and you’ll notice that we used an ‘S’ to form the shield of the icon. We opted for a cool and calm teal colour as the base colour of the brand and we added a warm copper to speak to the established and credible nature of the business.

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