Cape Town jewellery studio goes nationwide with gifting focus.

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Famke is a Cape Town based jewellery studio that specialises in contemporary, minimalist designs. They have a ready-to-shop lifestyle range and they also do commissions. When we first partnered with them, they had a modest online footprint and they were serving a predominantly local market. They wanted to increase visibility of the brand nationwide as well as increase online revenue.


Soon after starting on Famke’s account, we identified that a meaningful percentage of purchases were gifting purchases. This informed our framing of her campaigns – we focused heavily on customisability and we incorporated cards and gift boxes for convenience (also boosting AOV).

To encourage bigger cart sizes on personal purchases, we also leaned into jewellery styling through ‘Shop the Look’ campaigns - suggesting pairing options and offering discounts when shopping multiple pieces in a look.

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Increase in Average Order Value

The focus on matching sets and gifting-specific campaigns has proven to be very successful and AOV skyrocketed.


Increase in Average Monthly Revenue

Methodical scaling of ad spend, pushing the creative boundaries and listening to customer feedback helped Famke go from strength to strength.


Maintaining an Incredible Return on Ad Spend

Whilst increasing monthly ad spend more than 500% over the past 2 years, the ROAS remained above 4x.


  • Consistent drives on Meta at the top of the funnel created a large opportunity lower down the funnel.
  • We then launched Google Search and Google Shopping to account for this. This omnichannel approach proved to be very successful and made it possible for Famke to further scale whilst maintaining target profitably.
  • To improve the customer experience even more, email automations were built out to introduce customers to the brand, what Famke stands for and elegantly covering FAQ’s to eliminate possible hesitations.



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