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Rigorous content testing revitalises prominent distance learning platform’s advertising efforts!

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IQ Academy is an accredited distance learning institution that specialises in affordable online short courses and qualifications. The company was founded in 2006 and has reached considerable scale in South Africa. They approached VANHA to audit their advertising efforts, increase efficiencies and minimize wastage on the account.


We performed a deep dive on IQ’s Meta Performance and identified a need to expand on the creative variety in the ad account.

We embarked on a rigorous content testing period. We tested different communication angles and content formats, hooks, pain points and also incorporate llived experiences and UGC creative.

Google was another area of focus: We reviewed their bidding strategies and budget allocation and started optimising for not only leads, but rather for offline conversions (the actual sale event)

The combination of optimised creative and enhanced conversion architecture yielded breakthrough results!

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Increase in Sales Year on Year

In the first 6 months, sales volumes grew by 42% YoY.


Decrease in Customer Aquisition Cost

Creative testing proved wonders in lowering cost per lead and ultimately leading to a drop in CAC whilst scaling.

Increase in Tracked Google Offline Conversions

We saw large difference in cost per lead for different Google campaign types and keywords. Through implementing offline conversion tracking and optimising the campaign for these results, CAC dropped by 50%.


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Google Graph

  • Improving the conversion architecture was key to success here!
  • We began by uploading offline conversions to have insight as to which campaigns, keywords and search terms delivered the highest quality leads. By not only optimising for the lowest cost per lead, but rather cost per sale (cost/offline conv), the improvements in budget allocation was significant.
  • Keyword selection improvements and ad copy split testing, dynamic keyword insertion and match type testing also played a role.
  • Overall, CPC’s are down 29.7% year-on-year, CPL is down 35%, conversion rates are up 7.8% and Cost Per Offline Sale (CAC) is down over 50%.


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