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Audience testing leads to a boom in business!

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Shelley Taylor is a statement jewellery brand. Their pieces are handcrafted from semi-precious stones and plated with gold. The brand was born as an ancilliary offering out of Rochelle Designs, a leading wholesale jewellery supplier to the tourism industry in South Africa. Shelley wanted to live out her full creative vision under her own name and her designs quickly gained traction, particularly in the artisanal market scene. They wanted to test a direct to consumer model to transcend geographic limitations and cater to a broader market.


Who are we speaking to?!

When we first started working on the Shelley Taylor account, we didn’t feel that the brand positioning was entirely aligned with their market.

We invested a lot of time into researching their customer profile. We wanted to establish who exactly we were speaking to in order to address them in the most compelling way possible..
Once we established that, we tested communication styles: What content does this market gravitate to most?

Shelley Taylor has a large SKU count, so we found that narrowing down the focus to a smaller selection in product specific campaigns yielded remarkable results.

We also focused on increasing the basket size of purchases by incorporating bundle deals, styling tips and discounted sets.

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Increase in Monthly Revenue

A massive leap for the brand, mimicking their large retail footprint, their online store got off to a fast start in year 1 and saw another 47% growth in year 2.


Lift in Average Order Value

SKU simplification, creative messaging and visual styling all contributed to improved UX and led to a meaningful bump in average order value.


More Repeat Purchases

Building out email flows and personalized email campaigns to segmented audiences made a massive difference in boosting Client Lifetime Value and ST’s ability to scale.




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